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The 14th Infantry Regimental Crest has been worn proudly over the past 50 years by two separate Battalions;  the 1/14 and the 2/14.  The Army
split them apart in Vietnam, and both are still active today.
 The 1/14th is with the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, and
the 2/14th is with the 10th Mountain Division at Ft. Drum, NY.   
  The 14th Infantry Association welcomes veterans of both Battalions...   

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14th Infantry Regiment

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14th Infantry Regiment

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A Message from Jock Lindsay,
President of the 14th Infantry Regiment Association

Fellow Golden Dragons,
     I am just back home after attending the 25th IDA reunion in Providence, RI and I have to tell you I am fired up.  We had more Golden Dragons at this reunion (19) than at any other I have attended.  That may not sound like a lot but it almost filled our meeting room.  We had folks from as close as Rhode Island and as far away as Washington State, Nebraska and Texas.  Great guys all, as you would expect. 

Here are the things we talked about and decided in Providence.
     a.  We decided we would like to have a 14th Infantry Regiment Association Chaplain, and Carlos Garza of Texas volunteered to do that.
     b.  We decided to investigate the idea of a separate 14th Infantry Regiment Association reunion.  We all agreed to try to find old buddies and have them join the association.  I agreed to work on setting this up when we got 40 or 50 definite "will attend" so I could try to negotiate a good room rate with a hotel.  Almost all of us thought tours are OK, and that the real appeal of a reunion is the camaraderie of the hospitality room, so that is what we would do at our first gathering.  A location is still to be determined, and I will solicit your input when we get the required number of participants.
     c.  I will work to put together a comprehensive mailing list to include all of our members so that I can respond quickly to requests for locator help, or have information to share with you.  If you are not sure you are on a mailing list, please send me your e-mail address and I will add you to our list.
     d.  I am not associated with this web site - that work is done by our webmaster, Kirk Ramsey (2/14).
     e.  I asked for a volunteer to step up and take over my job in the Association, but there were no takers, so you are stuck with me for at least another year.  As it stands right now these are the officers of the Association:
          President - Jock Lindsay  (North Carolina)
          Vice President - M. L. Tate  (Tennessee)
          Secretary - Dave Riebe  (Wisconsin)
          Treasurer - Larry Weist  (Utah)
          Chaplain - Carlos Garza  (Texas)
          Webmaster - Kirk Ramsey  (New Hampshire)

     As I have said before, this is your organization, I am just watching over it for you.  If you have ideas to grow our Association (like approaching the 4th Infantry Division) or anything else that will make our small band of brothers better, please let me know.  Maybe you don't like what we are doing or not doing with the Association, and if that is how you feel send me a note about it.  My e-mail address is below.  The next reunion will be in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in September of 2019.  Hope to see a lot of you there.

     Finally, I thank you for allowing me to lead this Association that honors the greatest infantry regiment in the Army.  I am truly honored.

Golden Dragons!

Jock Lindsay, President
14th Infantry Regiment Association
Cell - 910-269-3432




In Memoriam
Tom Jones, Lt. Col., retired
Founder of the 14th Infantry Regiment Association, and past president of the 25th Infantry Division Association, passed away on Thursday, December 21, 2017 following his battle with cancer.

Tom Jones served with the 2/14th at Schofield Barracks, and then deployed with the 1/14th to Vietnam, rising to the rank of Captain.  In the years following his service he worked tirelessly on behalf of the 14th Infantry Regiment, becoming the driving force behind the creation of the 14th Infantry Regiment Association.  He was a very active supporter of the 25th Infantry Division Association, becoming its president in 2012.  In 2015 he received the 25th Association's highest honor, the Frederick C. Weyand award.  Read the complete story as reported in the Fall 2015 issue of Tropic Lightning Flashes...  As journalist Karen Zacharias said, "Tom Jones was all about serving others."  You can read her tribute to Tom in "A Hero's Journey".  You can find Tom's obituary on the Donovan Funeral Home web site.  We will miss Tom, he was a leader, and a friend to all...




14th Infantry Regiment (Golden Dragons) Association Annual Dues

We started our fledgling organization over ten years ago, mostly from contacts as a result of the excellent web sites for each Battalion initiated by Kirk Ramsey and Terry Bender in the 1990’s.  Each of you receiving this message completed one of our Membership Applications at some point.  Being that there were no dues, some of you even included generous donations with your initial paperwork.

Several years ago at one of our business meetings at a Reunion, one of our members made a motion that we establish annual dues of $20.00 and the motion was passed.  It has been kind of a “loosey-goosey” deal ever since and because we are all volunteers and have no staff to send our reminder notices (and don’t really want to spend what funds we do have on postage!) many have fallen behind on dues.

We would appreciate it if those who haven’t would also consider a dues payment.  Checks should be made out to:  “14th Infantry Regiment Association”

Best Regards and Golden Dragons, Sir!



"I'll Try Sir!"

Full size "I'll Try Sir" poster reproductions are available to help raise funds for the 14th Infantry Regiment Association. 

To get your own copy, e-mail Larry Weist.  Or see Larry in October at the 25th Infantry Division Association reunion.

Contact for the 14th Infantry Association:

David Riebe



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