Minutes of the 14th Infantry Regiment Association - 2012


Minutes of the 1st Annual Meeting
of the 14th Infantry Regiment Association

September 13, 2012


    The first annual meeting of the 14th Infantry Regiment Association was held in Oak Brook, IL at the Oak Brook Hills Marriott Resort on September 13, 2012.  In attendance were representatives of 1st & 2nd battalions, as the two battalions are together under one web site.

    The meeting was opened by Tom Jones, president of the 25th Infantry Division Association. Tom served in the 2nd battalion prior to Vietnam, and then with the 1st battalion during the Vietnam War.  It opened promptly at 1900 hours. Tom spoke about the importance of using the computer. Tom turned the floor over to Larry Weist.

   Larry introduced certificates, suitable for framing and wallet cards he made up for members of the 14th Infantry Regiment Association.  Larry will make some changes to the certificates.

   Tom Jones has been the treasurer since we started the 1/14th as part of the Association. Tom said he was going to donate at the 25th ID Association meeting on Saturday two faux checks.  One, a donation of $1,000 to the Scholarship fund.  Also, one check to the Memorial Fund for $1,200.  Both checks issued from the 14th Infantry Regiment Association.

   Other units of the 25th ID Association have been donating to these worthy causes for years.  The Golden Dragons are now stepping up to the plate.  The motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously by the attendees

   Kirk Ramsey, who served with the 2/14th regiment in Nam took the floor.  Kirk told of a book out on Amazon.com that has plagiarism in it.  The book “Tropic Lightning” by Gaylon Barrow had copied portions of Kirk’s book “Tales of a War Far Away.”

  Kirk has done an immense amount of work for the 2/14th web site and in finding and documenting hundreds of Golden Dragons, listed on his site.  Kirk will now be web master of the 14th Infantry Regiment Association web site, which includes both battalions.  This site will be for the benefit of all Golden Dragons and visitors. It will include rosters, photo section, reunion information, meeting updates and so on.

    An interesting book was brought up by Larry Weist for those interested in the 14th Infantry Regiment history.  The book is about the Boxer Rebellion in China and a soldier named Calvin P. Titus. The book is “America in the China Relief Expedition.”  Larry also discussed the possibility of reprinting posters of Calvin P. Titus and the 14th Infantry fighting at the east wall of Peking and the Fox Tower, scaled by Titus, the first soldier inside Peking and who held our regimental colors aloft.

  The following officers were elected: President, Larry Weist; Vice President, Jock Lindsay; Treasurer, Tom Jones; Secretary, David Riebe; Web Master, Kirk Ramsey.  Joe Palazzolo volunteered to help locate Golden Dragons for our association.

  Larry Weist said the Auxiliary has been disbanded and a new identity has emerged.  It will now be the “25th Infantry Division Heritage Society.”  This will be a more generic name which will be used to recruit anyone that wants to join it. Family members of Golden Dragons, all vets and servicemen and women as well as students and others.

   Tom Jones discussed getting more involved with more volunteers and expanding the rosters.  Tom Jones started a discussion about having fees to join the 14th Infantry Regiment Association.  Some type of annual fee suggested to cover the overhead of the Web Master and searches, and donating to the Scholarship Foundation and the Memorial Fund on an annual basis.  These two Foundations help the members of the 25th Division as a whole.  The amount would be a suggested donation and if someone could not afford a fee, it would be waived.  The amount to be determined.

    A motion was made and seconded to pass the "steel donations pot" around the room.  The members present showed their generous spirit with donations totaling $725.00!  Thanks to each member who contributed to the ongoing support of our new 14th Infantry Regiment Association.

   Motion to adjourn made by John Boyce. Seconded by Dan Marthers and approved unanimously.

                        Respectfully Submitted,
                        David J. Riebe    Secretary


Minutes of the 1st Annual Meeting of the 14th Infantry Regiment Association, Sept. 13, 2012
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