The "first ever" reunion of the 14th Infantry Regiment Association was held August 10-17, 2008, at the Royal Plaza Hotel,
Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  Old friendships were renewed and new friendships blossomed as 14 Golden Dragons,
from both the 1st and 2nd Battalions, gathered as part of the 25th Division Association's 59th Annual Reunion.  Dragons and
their guests met for Hospitality Room fellowship, photo sharing and tale telling, golfing, group dinners and a formal Saturday
night banquet.


Attendees were:


Mike Maddox
Martin L, Tate  A/1-14
Mike Rhoades   A/1-14
Dan Marthers   A/1-14
Tom Jones  HHC & B/1-14
David Riebe  B/1-14


Don Casteel   A/2-14
Benny Gaia   D/2-14
Paul North   E/2-14
(winner of the LTG Stanley R. Larsen Award for his work as webmaster of
Ron McCurry   HHC/2-14
Paul Hall   A/2-14
John Edward   A/2-14
George McQuillen   A & C/2-14


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1/14th Veterans - dressed for Banquet
(Photos courtesy of  Mike Rhoades)
Tom and Linda Jones Dave and Kathleen Riebe
Dan and Phyliss Marthers M.L. Tate and Linda Pittman Mike and Ann Maddox


2/14th Veterans
(Photos courtesy of Paul North [top 2]
and Paul Hall [bottom 3])
Paul North Benny Gaia
Ronnie McCurry Benny Gaia and John Edwards Paul Hall


Reunions:  2008 25th Infantry Division Association, Orlando, Florida
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Standing:  M.L. Tate, Mike Maddox,
Tom Jones, Dave Riebe, Mike Rhoades;
Seated:  Dan Marthers

Standing:  Mike Maddox, Martin Tate, Mike
Rhoades; Seated:  Dan Marthers


BG James Nixon, Deputy CG, 25th Inf. Div.
and Dan Marthers