Revolutionary War:  1775-1799


It was Christmas night, 1776, in the midst of a howling snow storm, when the 14th Continental Regiment, many of whom were sailors and fishermen from Marblehead, Massachusetts, assisted in ferrying George Washington and his troops across the Delaware River, without the loss of a single man or piece of equipment, to attack a British garrison at Trenton, New Jersey.  They then participated in the successful attack, and subsequently ferried the army back across the river, with approximately 900 Hessian prisoners captured in the battle.  It was a turning point in the war for independence!

Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze, 1851, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City



1 Jan 1776 Revolutionary War - The First 14th Infantry Regiment
  Biographical Information - John Glover (1732-1797) and the history of the 14th Regiment
  History of Colonel Glover's Regiment
  Origins of the 14th Continental Regiment
  Washington's First Navy
29-30 Aug 1776 Saving General Washington at Long Island
18 Oct 1776 Glover:  Action at Pelham
25 Dec 1776 Washington Crossing the Delaware
26 Dec 1776 Attack on Trenton
25-26 Dec 1776 Attack on Trenton: Order of Battle
  Officers, Names and Deeds
  Notes Regarding Officers, Names and Deeds

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