Mexican War:  Casualties


14th Infantry Battle Casualties

Chapultepec & the City of Mexico

Cadwalader’s Brigade
Fourteenth Infantry

Killed: 1. Pvt. Benjamin Hall 2. Pvt. Robert Arnold 3. Pvt. H. E. or K. Manning 4. Pvt. James M. Manypenny or Moneypenny

Wounded: 1. Col. William Trousdale 2. Capt. James M. Scantland 3. Capt. Robert G. Beale 4. 2d Lt. Richard Steele 5. Pvt. Robert W. Bedford 6. *Sgt. Wm. M. Bledsoe, mortally. 7. Cpl. H. Montgomery, slightly. 8. Pvt. Wm. D. Pharris, severely. 9. Pvt. S. Sutzenhizer, severely. 10. Pvt. W. F. Beatty, severely. 11. Pvt. James Kennedy, severely. 12. Pvt. Stewart White, severely. 13. Pvt. John Philand, severely. 14. Pvt. Bolivar Vincent, severely. 15. Pvt. Calvin C. Forola, severely. 16. Pvt. A. D. Anjon, slightly. 17. Pvt. A. Chadwick, slightly. 18. Pvt. John Wilkinson, slightly. 19. Pvt. F. Faoball, slightly. 20. Pvt. J. Donelly, slightly.

Missing: 1. Pvt. John Crawford 2. Pvt. Wm. Dearing or Doaring 3. Pvt. James McDermott 4. Pvt. John Blair 5. Pvt. W. R. Watson


Excepts were extracted from the "Descendants of the Mexican War" website listed below:

Mexican War:  Casualties
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