Civil War  1861-1865


Officers of the 14th U. S. Infantry near Alexandria, Virginia in March, 1862 prior to participating in the Peninsula Campaign.  Left to Right:  Maj. Grotius R. Giddings, Capt. W. Harvey Brown, Capt. John D. O'Connell, Lt. Daniel M. Brodhead, Capt. William R. Smedberg, Lt. David Krause, Lt. Cornelius L. King (the sash signifies he was officer of the day), Lt. George K. Brady, Capt. Guido Ilges, Lt. Alonzo J. Bellows, Lt. James Henton, Lt. John H. Walker, Lt. Patrick Collins, Lt. John McClintock, unidentified with crossed arms, Lt. Daniel Loosely, Lt. James F. McElhone, Capt. Hamlin W. Keyes, Capt. Jonathan B. Hager, Capt. John McNaught (also McIntosh).  Brodhead, McElhone and Keyes were later killed.

Image from Library of Congress collection, text and list of officers thanks to C. Russell Hunley, author of John Young Letters: The 14th U.S. Infantry Regiment In The American Civil War



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1861 General George Sykes served as Major in the 14th Infantry
June 27, 1862    Medal of Honor:  George C. Williams
August 19, 1864   Medal of Honor:  Ovila Cayer
October 1, 1864   Medal of Honor:  Robert Wright






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Civil War  1861 - 1865
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