The 1900 U.S. Census - 14th Infantry Regiment


The 1900 United States Census of the Philippine Islands


War was formally declared against Spain on April 25th, 1898.  On May 25th, Companies "A", "C", "D", "E" and "F" left San Francisco by transport under the command of Capt. John Murphy.  They were on their way to the Philippines. Companies "B" and "H" were still in Alaska and Company "G" was left at Vancouver Barracks to collect new recruits and organize four companies for an additional battalion.  The five advance companies landed on the island of Luzon June 30th and took up garrison duty at Cavite Arsenal.  On August 3rd, the 14th moved to Camp Dewey, Manila and assisted in the capture of the city.  The newly organized 3rd Battalion accompanied by Company "G" soon reached Manila and the regiment, with exception of the two companies in Alaska, was again reunited, this time in a foreign land.

By the time of the 1900 U.S. census, most of the fighting had subsided and the regiment took up residence in Manila to perform provost (police) and supply duty.  In April 1900,  the 1st Battalion was ordered to stations at Forts Brady and Wayne, Michigan.

The 14th received orders to proceed to China, from Manila, on July 8th, 1900.  On August 4th, the regiment, as part of allied forces landed at Taku, China.  After participating in
battles at Tientsin and Peking, the regiment did two months of provost duty in Peking and then left China to return to Manila.  Eight months of guarding warehouses, furnishing prison details, doing patrol duty and other routine duty followed.

While in Manila, the regiment took part in the United States Census, and the following census pages serve as a roster for the regiment.

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Location Unit / Census Page
Manila Field Staff
Cuartel de Meisic, Manila E Company (1)
  E Company (2)
  E Company (3)
Fernando St. Police Station, Manila F Company (1)
  F Company (2)
  F Company (3)
  F Company (4)
Island of Luzon, Manila G Company (1)
  G Company (2)
  G Company (3)
  G Company (4)
Manila H Company (1)
  H Company (2)
  H Company (3)
Manila I Company (1)
  I Company (2)
  I Company (3)
Cuartel de Meisic, Manila K Company (1)
  K Company (2)
  K Company (3)
Vaccine Police Station L Company (1)
  L Company (2)
  L Company (3)
  L Company (4)
Paco Police Station, Manila M Company (1)
  M Company (2)
  M Company (3)

The Philippines Campaign:  1900 U.S. Census
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