The Philippines Campaign: Order of Battle


The Philippines Campaign
Philippines Order of Battle, 1898

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VIII Army Corps, under the command of Maj. Gen. Wesley Merritt

2nd Division (the VIII Corps had one Division, oddly numbered as the Second Division.  The Second Division was under the command of
Brig. Gen. Thomas M. Anderson.)

1st Brigade - Brig. Gen. Arthur MacArthur

*23rd U.S. Infantry (Col. John W. French)
14th U.S. Infantry
13th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry
1st North Dakota Volunteer Infantry
1st Idaho Volunteer Infantry
1st Wyoming Volunter Infantry
Astor Battery

2nd Brigade - Brig. Gen. F. V. Greene

*18th U.S. Infantry, 1st Battalion under Col. C. M. Bailey,
2nd Battalion under Maj. Charles Kellar.
3rd U.S. Artillery, 1st Battalion under Capt. James O'Hara,
2nd Battalion under Capt. W. E. Birkhimer.
*U. S. Engineers, Co. A (2nd Lt. William D. Connor)
1st California Volunteer Infantry (Col. James S. Smith)
*1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry (Col. Irving Hale)
*1st Nebraska Volunteer Infantry (Col. John P. Bratt)
*10th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (Col. A. L. Hawkins)
*Utah Volunteer Artillery, Light Battery A (Capt. R. W. Young)
*Utah Volunteer Artillery, Light Battery B (Capt. F. A. Grant)
2nd Oregon Volunteer Infantry
California Volunteer Heavy Artillery Detachment

(*) Indicates that these troops arrived on June 15, 1898. The remainder arrived subsequently.



The Philippines Campaign:  Order of Battle
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