Calvin P. Titus Punch Bowl


The Calvin P. Titus Punch Bowl

Calvin P. Titus was awarded the Medal of Honor for being to the first to scale the great walls protecting the City of Peking during the Boxer Rebellion on August 14, 1900.


To show their appreciation for removing the "Boxer" threat from the Imperial City, the Chinese Government awarded the 14th Infantry a number of silver ingots which were subsequently melted to form the Calvin P. Titus Punch Bowl. (shown above and below)


1961 - The following photos were taken of the silver set on display at Battalion headquarters.  The battalion colors stand at right, and the wall display is an enlarged photo of the famous painting of the assault on Peking, "I'll, Try Sir!" by H. Charles McBarron.  Click photos to see larger image.



2014 - Thanks to Operations Sergeant Major Jay F. Morse, 1/14th Infantry Regiment at Schofield Barracks, for making these photos available.

"In 1900, The Boxer Rebellion in China took the Fourteenth deeper into the Far East.  Our unit defeated the Chinese rebels in the battle of Yang-tsun and again a few days later in the battle for Peking where the Fourteenth, braving fire from above, scaled the walls of the city and overcame it's defenders.  Here the Fourteenth Infantry added it's 'Golden Dragon', the Chinese symbol of power, to it's Regimental Crest."

From A History of 14th Infantry written for the 104th Organization Day Program, dated 1 July 1965.




Calvin P. Titus Punch Bowl
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Photos by Operations Sergeant Major Jay F. Morse
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