World War I Era  1901-1920


Servicemen stationed at Camp Dodge, Iowa, created this Statue of Liberty composed of 18,000 officers and men, while training for active duty in Europe during World War I.  The Armistice ended the war on November 18, 1918 before the 14th Infantry Regiment had deployed to participate in the war, and the Regiment moved to Camp Grant near Rockford, Illinois to assist in dismantling the camp.  Within two years the Regiment was on its way to the Panama Canal Zone.

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1901 June - Received orders to return from China, to new quarters:  The 2nd Battalion at Fort Snelling, the 1st Battalion at Fort Brady and Fort Wayne, the 3rd Battalion at Fort Porter and Fort Niagara, for garrison duty.  Companies K and L, 3rd Battalion, from Fort Porter, stood guard over the house in which President McKinley lay dying from an assassin's bullet.  Company I escorted the body to Canton, Ohio and stood guard as he lay in state.
1903-1905 February 28 - Regiment sails for the Philippines, the 1st Battalion to Camp Hartshore, Samar on the island of Samar, with the rest of the Regiment proceeding to Camp Connell on the west coast of Samar.  The Regiment remained until April 23, 1905
1905 Regiment returns to Vancouver Barracks
1906 April 18, San Francisco earthquake and fire - Companies A through I, and K were ordered to interagency duty to assist in relief efforts, protecting property, issuing relief supplies, helping the police force and preventing the sale of liquor.  They remained until June, then returned to Vancouver Barracks.
1908 Begin 3rd tour of Philippines to the islands of Leyte and Cebu.
1910 Regiment returns, the 1st Battalion to Fort Lincoln, North Dakota, the 2nd Battalion to Fort Harrison, Montana, and the 3rd Battalion to Fort Missoula, Montana.
1913 Regiment moves to Fort Lawton, Washington, Fort George Wright, Washington, and the remainder, with the 1st Battalion to Alaska.
1915 Omar N. Bradley graduates from West Point as 2nd Lieutenant, is assigned to the 14th Infantry Regiment in command of Company F, and then the 2nd Battalion, until 1919.
1916 May 11 - 2nd and 3rd Battalions move to Fort Douglas, Arizona, and later Yuma, Arizona for border patrol duty, until May 21, 1917.  Mexican rebels had crossed the border and conducted raids on American towns.
1917 Return to Vancouver Barracks to prepare for overseas service.
1917 November - Regiment at Camp Lewis, planning to join the 91st Division.
1918 Regiment scattered to Washington, Idaho and Montana to guard utilities, forestalling attempts by the International Workers of the World anarchists to interfere with America's war program.
F Company's 5 officers and 86 men, with Omar N. Bradley in command, travels to Butte, Montana to quell union unrest in the copper mines.  Being forewarned of a possible riot to shut down the mines, Bradley posted the entire company throughout Butte with loaded rifles and fixed bayonets.  His decisive show of force maintained peace and order.
1918-1919 Ernest Hugo Freeburg enlists with the 14th Infantry Regiment on May 20, 1918, and a year later, when WWI has ended, is released on June 13, 1919.
1918 July 27 - Regiment is assigned to the 19th Infantry Division.  In August, 2nd and 3rd Battalions entrain for Camp Dodge, Iowa, to join the 19th Division.  Omar N. Bradley is promoted to rank of Major and given command of the 2nd Battalion of the 14th Infantry Regiment.
1918 October 5 - 1st Battalion moves to Camp Dodge, Iowa.  World War I ends Nov. 11, 1918 with the Regiment at Camp Dodge.
1918 December - Regiment moves to Camp Grant, near Rockford, Illinois for garrison duty, and to close down the camp.
1919 November 4 - Regiment moves to Camp Custer, Michigan.  Omar N. Bradley reduced to rank of Captain, assigned to South Dakota State College to teach political science, and later became a 5-star General of the Army.
1920 August - Drive begins to enlist recruits in preparation for the move to Panama.  Regiment sails from Hoboken, N.J. on October 20, 1920.



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