1933-36 Canal Zone Photos


Panama Canal Zone - 1933-36

Photo Postcards collected by Col. George E. Fletcher during his assignment to the 14th Infantry Regiment in Panama.  Col. Fletcher graduated from West Point in 1931, served at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and was assigned to Panama in 1933 as part of the pack mule company.  In 1936 he transferred to the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment, predecessor to the 10th Mountain Division.  In the 1950's he wrote a manual, to be used in Korea, on how to pack mules.

Thanks to Commander Herman O. Sudholz, USN (Ret.), son-in-law of Colonel Fletcher, for sharing these photos.

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[01]  Hillside view of Fort William D. Davis, garrisoned by the 14th U.S. Infantry, 15th Pack Train,
        38th Motor Transport Co., 19th Motor Repair Sec., and other detachments.
[02]  Fort Davis buildings seen from the hillside
[03]  May be men of the Pack Mule Company - notice all of the musical instruments
[04]  A side entrance to Fort Davis
[05]  Pack mule company on the march
[06]  Fort Davis scene

[07]  Pack mule company preparing to load mules in front of Fort William D. Davis
[08]  Sign:  "Fort Davis 14th Infantry Headquarters"
[09]  Buildings at Fort Davis
[10-12]  Flooding at Fort Davis in 1935 - main road to Ft. Davis, barracks

[13]  Fort de Lesseps, named for the French engineer who developed the Suez Canal in Egypt, and made the first attempt to dig the Panama Canal
[14]  The Prado, Balboa, Canal Zone, and Canal Zone Administration building
[15]  1935 - General Brown (left) and Col Campbell B. Hodges, commanding, 14th Infantry Regiment
[16]  The walls of Peking, China

[17]  14th Infantry Regiment Coat of Arms as displayed at Fort William D. Davis in the Panama Canal Zone
[18]  General Brown (left) and Col. Campbell B. Hodges, commanding, 14th Infantry Regiment, at Fort Davis


Panama Canal Zone - 1933-36 - Col. George E. Fletcher Photos
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