World War II:  General Patton Reviews 3rd Battalion


History of the 14th Infantry Regiment
 with the 71st Infantry Division
in World war II

Excerpted from:


14th Infantry Regiment Newspaper

published in "ON GUARD" by Gerald McMahon, 1990

General Patton Reviews 3rd Bn.

Representing the Fourteenth in a 71st Infantry Division parade Tuesday at Dillingen Airport, the Third Battalion, commanded by Maj. Samuel S. Campanella, passed in review before Gen. George S. Patton, Third Army Commanding General; Gen. Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, Commanding General of the French First Army; and Maj. Gen. Williard G. Wyman, 71st Commanding General.

Also in the stand were Brig. Gen. Onslow S. Rolfe, Assistant 71st Commander, Brig. Gen. Frank Henning, Division Artillery Commander, Col. Carl E. Lunquist, Fourteenth Commander, and Col. Sidney C. Wooten, 66th Commander.

Climaxing the ceremony, Gen. Patton presented General de Tassigny with the Distinguished Service Medal for his achievements in the Allied cause.  General Patton spoke briefly, commending the appearance and the past performances of the Division.

Units representing the Division, in addition to the Fourteenth, were two infantry battalions, one each from the 5th and 66th regiments, and the 609th Field Artillery Battalion.  General Patton arrived by plane for the ceremony, and after the review departed to inspect training areas in the 66th Regiment sector.

World War II:  General Patton Reviews 3rd Battalion
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