Camp Irwin, Mohave Desert, California 1942


Photos taken at Camp Irwin, Mohave Desert, California - 1942

In 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt established the Mojave Anti-Aircraft Range, a military reservation of approximately 1000 square miles in the area of present Fort Irwin.  In 1942 the Range was renamed Camp Irwin, in honor of Major General George LeRoy Irwin, commander of the 57th Field Artillery Brigade during World War I.  In 1944, Camp Irwin was deactivated and placed on surplus status.

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Dutch and Burns

Man with ammo 50 Cal machine gun Man with 50 Cal Man with 50 Cal Wilburn W. Morton

[1] Dutch and Burns  [2] Unknown  [3] .50 Cal. machine gun  [4] Unknown  [5]  Unknown 
[6]  Wilburn W. Mortin

Group with 50 Cal ammo

Truck with 50 Cal Cleaning mess gear Group at firing range

[7]  Group with .50 Cal. ammo  [8]  Firing .50 Cal. from truck  [9]  Cleaning mess kit 
[10]  On the range

Truck with 2 men

Group of men Airfield Armored car

[11]  Two men with .50 Cal. on truck  [12]  Group waiting  [13]  Airfield - maybe at Fort Irwin
[14]  Armored car


2/14th Infantry Scrapbook:  Photos from Camp Irwin, Mojave Desert, California - 1942
Copyright 2012  14th Infantry Regiment Association
Pictures Copyright 2009 Sheri Morton Stanly, granddaughter of  Wilburn W. Morton, 14th Infantry, who took the photos
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