Korean War:  The 14th Infantry in Korea


Bravo Company 1st Platoon  -  Winter 1951-1952
Vicinity of Kumwah

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Chuck Gorman

[1]  Aerial map photo of Mundung-Ni Valley with "Heartbreak Ridge" (XTT4184) and
      "Dagmar" peaks just above it.  Taken 20-Jan-52
[2]  1st Platoon's "borrowed" .50 Cal.
[3]  1st Platoon CP bunker, Sgt. Lee Lara, S/Sgt Bobby C. Thomas, Lt. Richard E. Robinson
      Cpl Alfred F. McCarthy
[4]  M/Sgt Henry D. Richard with "Chogie Bearers"
[5]  M/Sgt Henry D. Richard holding "Bloody 1st", unofficial guidon, and Lt. Robinson

[6]  Back Row:  Sgt. Roundy, Scheurer, Sgt. McEvoy, Sgt. Sobcheck, Ray Scherek,
      Sgt. Owens, Sgt. Richard.  Front Row:  Unknown, Sgt. Willard Volkmar,
      Sgt. Jim Bornholdt, Strasbough (Radio).  Supine:  Sgt Houston Wilson (Medic)
[7]  Back:  Strasbaugh, Bornholdt and Ridenhour.  Front:  Rains and Boney
[8]  Lt. Robinson, Capt. Rooks, Capt. Martin, Lt. Oar
[9]  Cpl ferguson 2nd from right

[10]  Sgt. Bobby Thomas and Mattson
[11]  1/Sgt Bornholdt, Capt. James C. Martin (CO), Lt. Alvin D. Oar (XO)
[12]  Doc Wilson practices on Stausbaugh
[13]  Sgt. Willard Volkmar

[14]  1/Sgt L. L. Bornholdt, Lt. Bill Hargett
[15]  1/Sgt Jim Bornholdt



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Korean War:  Bravo Company 1st Platoon - Winter 1951-1952
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