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Anderson, Thomas M.  Fourteenth Regiment of Infantry.  (Rodenbough, Theo. and William H. Haskins, THE
     ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES, pages 586-609.)  Original published:  JOURNAL OF THE MILITARY
     SERVICE INSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, Vol. XI, 1890, pages 673-696.

Sorley, Lewis Stone.  History of the Fourteenth United States Infantry, From January 1890 to December 1908.
     Chicago:  Lakeside Press, 1909.  155 pages.  Maps.  23 1/2 cm.

History of the 14th U. S. Infantry.  Panama:  Star and Herald Company, 1933.  24 pages.  Illustrations.  21 cm.
     Located in the library at Fort McNair, Washington, D.C.

84th Organization Day, Fourteenth U. S. Infantry, Gunzberg, Germany, August 14, 1945.  n.p., 1945.  6 leaves.
     24 cm.

The Odyssey of the Fourteenth Infantry Regiment from 9 February 1945 to 8 May 1945.  Augsburg:  P. Haas
     and Cie, 1945.  Broadside, 41 x 52 cm.  Cartographer, Tec 5 Amel Kostelnik; Cartoonist, CPL Harold Morton.

Null, Jack G.  . . . Operations of the 3r Battalion, 14th Infantry (71st Infantry Division) in a River Crossing Near
      Regensburg, Germany 26-27 April 1945 (Central European Campaign.)  River Crossing by an Infantry
     Battalion by Captain Jack G. Null.  Fort Riley, Ground General School, 1949.  18 pages.  Folding maps. 
     33 1/2 cm.  Reproduced from typewritten copy.  At head of title: Military Monograph.

Organization Day, 17 August 1956, 14th United Stated Infantry.  Schofield Barracks, 1956.  24 pages. 
     20 1/2 cm.  Reproduced from typewritten copy.

Register of Officers of the Fourteenth Infantry, From Date of Organization, May 14, 1861.  Camp on White
     River, Colorado:  Regimental Press, 1882.  13 pages.  20 cm.  William W. McCammon in ms overprinted
     "First Lieut. and Adjutant 14th Infantry."  Located in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California.

*** "Golden Dragons, 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry."  By unit members.  1965.  Contains history, information about
     post in Hawaii.  (Four copies are located in the Office, Chief of Military History where they may be seen but not

Hager, John.  Manuscript journal, 14th U. S. Infantry, penned on 132 pages.  March 1862 - December 1863, in
     original notebook.  (Described in The New World (Summer 1968)(Price $350.00)

Marshall, S.L.A.  West to Cambodia.  New York:  Cowles Education Corporation, 1968.

Except for those books which are given a specific location, these publications are located in the New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, New York, New York 10018.  They may not be borrowed, but can usually be reproduced for a fee.


Bibliography: 14th Infantry
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