Schofield Barracks:  The Golden Dragon



at Schofield Barracks   1960

1960 Photos and history of the GOLDEN DRAGON STATUE
 at Schofield date back to the unveiling ceremony.


"The sculptor was a guy by the name of Cardinelli, but I can't remember his first name [Stephan Cardinelli, HHC].  He was in Headquarters of the 14th Infantry sometime between 1958 and 1960.  There were two others who assisted him [PFC Morton Monroe].  This picture was taken at Schofield Barracks shortly after completion and I believe Cardinelli took the picture, but it could have been taken by an Army photographer, just can't remember.  The Statue was not a fountain but I have no explanation for the spray in the picture.  The skelton structure was formed with metal rods similar to what is used in concrete work.  I do remember watching some of the work in progress and recall each scale being formed and placed on the statue, as it seemed to take forever."
                                                                      Norm Newton
"I took these pictures at the Armed Forces Day Parade and exhibit at Schofield in 1960.  As I recall, this was the first public showing of the Dragon.  My wife was there with me and she remembered that the scales were formed using a large spoon of some sort, but I don't remember that (wives are usually right)."
                                                                                  Norm Newton




Our thanks to Norm Newton (and his wife) for the above photographs and
information on this page, and for making this tribute to the statue possible.


Thanks to William Grimes for this photo of the Dragon on a stone pedestal
1965:  Six-foot-Seven M. L. Tate helps set the scale of the original Dragon



Today's Dragon as of 2000...


New Dragon as of 2000, painted gold with no detailing
A more recent photograph, taken with Tom Jones, 25th Infantry Division Association president, shows added detailing in the eyes and mouth, and the base has been painted black with the addition of the 14th Infantry insignia in front.
Tom Jones beside the new dragon in 2000


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Schofield Barracks:  The Golden Dragon
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