14th Internments: 1856 - 1952

by Robert Wilson

Ft. George Wright Cemetery
Spokane County, Washington

  Ft. George Wright Cemetery holds the remains of men who served while the regiment was stationed
at Vancouver Barracks, Washington, and also the remains of Sgt. Major T. H. Fowler's stillborn
child, one of many children born into the regiment.



Craig, Mayo, No dates, Pvt M 14th Inf, Fort George Wright, Remains

Denow, Julius, d.06/18/1914, Cook C,14th Inf, Fort George Wright C/D Suicide, gunshot, Disinterred 18 June 1914, shipped to Trenton, NJ

Dowling, Frank, d.10/20/1918, Wagoneer Supply Co 14 14th US Inf (6-3) Fort George Wright, C/D Influenza Pneumonia

Edwards, James G., d.06/11/1915, Pvt Co M 14th Inf, Fort George Wright, C/D Killed by gunshot wound by Pvt Connelly, Co M, Remains shipped to Jefferson Barracks

Fowler, Infant, d.09/09/1915 (24-2) Fort George Wright, C/O Batt Sgt Maj T.H. Fowler, 14th Inf., C/D Stillborn

Galligan, Daniel James, d.01/26/1918, Sgt Co E 14th Inf (7-4) Fort George Wright, C/D Heart Trouble, Disinterred

Holdosh, Steve, d.03/03/1918, Co F 14th US Inf (8-1) Fort George Wright

Wholly, James A., d.06/19/1914, Pvt K 14th Inf, Fort George Wright, Found in the Spokane River and interred June 19, 1914, Disinterred June 25, 1914 and shipped to Roxbury, Mass

Stones:  Where Dragons Lay - Fort George Wright National Cemetery, Spokane County, Washington
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