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2nd  Battalion
14th  Infantry  Regiment

Golden  Dragons

" The  Right  of  the  Line "

What's New 

Photos - Mogadishu 1993, Charlie Co, 2nd Platoon

New  message from 14th Association President Jock Lindsay

Photos - Alpha Co Reunion - Sept 15-17 at Estes Park, Colorado

New Vietnam-era publications page with
newspapers, magazines, booklets, pocket cards

Photos - Alpha Co 3rd Platoon - 1969

1Lt. Larry Lorenz, Charlie Co, 67-68 - Recollections of Vietnam

Recently added reports:                                                                 
Sapper attack on Cu Chi, 26-Feb-1969
Mortar attack on FSB Kien III / Keene, 25-Oct-1968
Bravo ammo dump explosion at Tay Ninh, 1-Feb-1968
Operation Bold Lancer I (Cambodia) 5-May to 14 May, 1970

Photos - Bravo Co 3rd Platoon Reunion - June 19-21 at Sioux City, Nebraska

New WWII references - see "Book: History of the 71st" and Travel to France

More of What's New...



25th Infantry Division Association 67th Annual Reunion
Hawaii 2016 (details to be added later)



For the Facebook Faithful - New Groups
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2-14 Infantry "Golden Dragons" Ft Drum, NY
2-14 Infantry - Fort Benning - Sand Hill Bldg 3210
2-14 Infantry - Mogadishu
2-14 Infantry Golden Dragons
10th Mountain Division Group
25th Infantry Division Group
25th Infantry Division Association page

1/14th Group

UTube Videos

Department of the Army movie: Ready To Strike - Tropic Lightning.

Recent video with photos from 14th Infantry history, Vietnam and today




     No need to see the movies about Vietnam, this is the real deal about riding the chopper's skids and dropping into LZs, stepping carefully into the footsteps of the point man to avoid trip wires that could send you home in a body bag, zipping your buddies into those body bags, diving into water-filled rice paddies while under attack, and praying the mortars would fall short and allow you to go home alive or at least in one piece.
     Gorman dredges up the nightmares of the daytime patrols away from the relatively safe Fire Support Bases and forays into the deadly dangerous booby traps and punji pits in the Ho Bo Woods.  He documents the terrifying nighttime ambushes, calling in "dustoffs" to medevac out the dead and wounded to Cu Chi, and the daily indignities of living in monsoons or heat and humidity with mosquitoes, mines, and mortars.
     "Saddle Up" is available at    
More information:  http://www.charlesngorman.com/



"I'll Try Sir!"

Full size "I'll Try Sir" poster reproductions are available to help raise funds for the 14th Infantry Regiment Association. 

To get your own copy, e-mail
Larry Weist.  Or see Larry in October at the 25th Infantry Division Association reunion.


John William Irving, C Co, 1/14th (KIA), and SP4 Frank Barnett (deceased), A Co, 2/14th, served as a helicopter door gunners with the "Shotgun" program in Vietnam in 1962-66.  If you have any information about their service in Vietnam, documentation that might include their name (TDY or Air Medal orders), or if you participated in the "Shotgun" program, please send a note to Webmaster, or to Tom Jones, President, 25th Infantry Division Association.



If you haven't already filled out your application, you can find one here:
Membership Application:  14th Infantry Association

Contact us and become a part of this exciting project.


If you have photographs, historical documents, lists of names (such as awards orders and rosters), or wish to share personal stories of your experiences serving with the Golden Dragons, please send an e-mail to Webmaster and tell me about it.

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