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1985 - Present History of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (includes 2/14)
2003-2010 Wikipedia summary of Iraq deployments ("Post 9/11 era, 2003-present")


     News Stories of Daily Activities

February 25 2/14 Infantry Medic Saves Lives
March 10 Soldier Spends 14 Years With Same Unit
May 19 Iraqi Escapes Kidnappers, Runs to Safety of U.S. Troops
  Weapons Hunt in Abu Ghraib
July Senior NCO Visits Yusufiyah Power Plant


      Iraq Blog - 2nd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division Commandos


October 21 MNC-I's Senior NCO Visits 2nd BCT, 10th Mtn. Div. Soldiers
October 26 Commando Brigade Seizes Terrorist Outpost
November 07 MND-B's Senior NCO Visits Yusufiyah Power Plant
December 04 Thanksgiving In A Former Al Qaeda Stronghold
December 12 Golden Dragons Patrol Euphrates By Boat
December 27 Gen. Peter Schoomaker Visits Camp Striker
January 06 Golden Dragons Mourn Fallen Comrade
January 18 Operation Seizes Two Bomb-Making Suspects
January 18 Golden Dragons Find Large Weapons Cache Near Highway
January 18 Three Detained, Six Caches Found In Operation
January 26 Golden Dragons Mourn Loss of Fallen Comrade
January 26 Golden Dragons Use All Resources To Accomplish Missions
February 10 Soldiers Reestablish Presence in Az-Zaidon Area
February 23 Five Insurgents Killed, 12 Suspects Captured
February 25 Golden Dragons Discover Weapons Cache
March 05 Golden Dragons Discover Massive Cache Southwest Of Baghdad
March 05 Soldiers Search Roadsides After Explosions
March 05 Golden Dragons Discover Six More Caches In Operation
March 07 Golden Dragons Defeat IED Cell
March 12 Golden Dragons Detain Man, Weapons After Taking Fire
March 15 Suspected IED Emplacer Arrested in Rushdi Mullah
March 21 Golden Dragons Capture Mortar Team
March 26 Golden Dragon Troops Find Large Weapons Cache
March 26 Listening With Your Eyes:  A Commentary
April 21 Golden Dragons Discover Home-Made Explosives Near Radwaniyah
April 21 Golden Dragons Discover Cache Site, VBIED Production Site
April 22 Adapt Or Die:  Company-Level Counterinsurgency Operations
May 06 Operation Commando Dive Leads To Detentions, Cache Finds
May 06 Commandos, Baghdad Eagles Detain Suspected Extremists, Find Caches and IEDs
May 06 Polar Bears, Golden Dragons Discover IEDs, Weapons Cache
May 06 Yusufiyah Joint Security Station Opens, Hosts Major Projects Meeting
May 07 Reuters Photographer Embed
May 10 Patrol Base Dragon:  Living In "Al Qaeda Land"
May 22 Task Force Golden Dragon Captures Enemy Weapons
May 22 IA Soldiers' Boots Touch Ground In Terrorist Safe Haven
May 31 QRF On The Mesopotamian Plain
May 31 Second Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment Seizes Weapons, Suspects in Raids
May 31 Search Nets Weapons, Suspects
June 05 Coalition Forces Detain Suspected Terrorists
June 07 Golden Dragons, Strykers Clear Radwaniyah Area
June 09 Golden Dragon Soldiers Awarded Silver Star, Soldier's Medals
June 09 "Golden Eagles" Keep Supplies Moving, Trucks Rolling
June 18 "Golden Dragons" Foil Truck Bomb Attack On Patrol Base
June 25 Commando Eagle Starts Off Strong
July 02 Golden Dragons Kill Insurgent, Seize Weapons Near Mosque
July 02 Commandos Conduct 100th Air Assault Of Deployment
July 10 'Commando Company' Shines In Apollo Fury
July 13 Restoring A Russian Relic
July 25 Dragon Scouts Kill Terrorists In Euphrates Ambush
July 25 Photo - SPC Anthony Gormley firing mortar
August 01 Wanted: Brits for MiTTS, Fuzzy Hats Optional
August 04 Harveys Tell "The Rest Of The Story"
August 04 Al-Qaeda Emir Killed in Air Assault
August 07 Maintaining An Uneasy Equilibrium In A Domain of Mistrust
August 10 Golden Dragons Provide Healthcare To Residents
August 13 Tips Lead Coalition Troops To Cache
August 14 Golden Dragons Care for Citizens
August 14 WAG Bags Make Life On Forward Outposts Easier
August 24 Commando Air Assault Detains Suspected Insurgent Disguised As Pregnant Woman
August 31 Tribesmen For Hire:  Winning The Peace One Sheikh At A Time
September 07 Golden Dragons Detain Five Suspected Insurgents
September 07 Why I Serve: Capt. Rich Thompson
September 07 Soldiers Help Legitimize Concerned Citizens
September 26 Coalition Forces Find Caches With Help From Concerned Citizens
September 30 Drum Troops Find IED Cache
April 22 2-14 Remembers Fallen Soldiers
April 22 Golden Dragons Test Mine-Resistant Vehicles


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