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February 2, 2002 Dragon's Tale, Newsletter of the 2/14th Golden Dragons, Issue 2, February 2002
February 2, 2002 Falcon Flier, Volume 6, Issue 6, February 2, 2002
       On page 12:  TF 2-14 Infantry performs dual mission during "Iron Fist"
       On page 12:  Soldier's Army career takes him from wrestling to peacekeeping - story of Sgt Robert Gallipo serving with 2/14th
March 19, 2002 Falcon Flier, Volume 6, Issue 9, March 19, 2002
       On page 6:  Military Police bring calming presence to community - 66th MPs and Company C, 2/14th mentioned in article
       On page 8:  Photo of 2/14th soldier on search of town
       On page 9:  Photo of 2/14th soldiers exiting Blackhawk Helicopter
       On page 13:  2-14 Infantry stands watchful guard at the Eagle's Nest
       On page 15:  Chaplain's Corner features Chaplain (Capt.) Randall Thomas, 2/14th Infantry Chaplain
       On page 16:  Camp Monteith's 2-14th Inf places first in Multinational Medic Challenge, with photo at bottom of article
April 26, 2002 KFOR Chronicle, No. 07, April 26, 2002 - The Kosovo Force
       Scan Your Lanes..  Marksmanship competition to earn the German Schuetzenschnur medal


If you have copies of 2/14th documents or photographs you would like to share on these pages, please send a description of the contents to Kirk Ramsey..  If you have any copies of orders you received such as Army Commendation medals, Bronze Star medals, etc. (they usually have lists of other men in the battalion who also received awards) please let me know.


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