2/14th  Alpha Co. Reunion, Estes Park, Colorado - 2015


Alpha Company, 2/14th Infantry Reunion
Estes Park, Colorado
Tuesday, Sept. 15 through Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015


Scenic Estes Park, Colorado was the site of the 2015 Alpha Company reunion.  Cool evenings and beautiful days, and an ever-changing, panoramic view of the mountain peaks 12,000 feet above, made for a memorable gathering.  Together again after forty-five years, even the local elk wandered in to wish us well.


The Boys of '69.   Top left to right:  Patrick Stone, Keith Veldhuizen, Steve Robinson, David Hardy, Doug Jansen, Dave Phillips, Richard Waite, Ken Hungate, Kirk Ramsey.   Bottom:  Steve Donaldson, Victor Ortega, Chuck Gorman, Richard Hogue, Patrick Shields, Bill Casey, Dan Gorman


Steve Donaldson, Keith Veldhuizen, Chuck Gorman


Our host Richard Hogue, with Bill Casey, Victor Ortega, Chuck Gorman, David Hardy


Ken Hungate, Chuck Gorman, Richard and Arlene Waite, Kirk Ramsey, Audrey Cain and Dan Gorman, Patrick Stone at right rear.  A stiff wind was blowing near the top of the 12,000 foot elevation of the Rocky Mountain National Forest, with a winter chill in the air.


Steve Robinson, Keith Veldhuizen


Near the summit in the Rocky Mountain National Park:  David Phillips, Bill Casey, Richard Waite, Chuck Gorman, Kirk Ramsey, Ken Hungate, Dan Gorman


War Stories:  Bill Casey, Dave Phillips, Kirk Ramsey, Richard Waite, Ken Hungate relive (and embelish?) the events of 1969-70.



Reunions:  Estes Park, Colorado   September 15-17, 2015
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