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   Comprehensive Histories of Operations in Somalia


   Chronology of Key Events in Somalia, December 1992 to March 1994
         [ From the U.S. Army Center of Military History  -  CMH ]


Dec 09 Arrival of U.S. forces in Mogadishu, Operation Restore Hope
Dec 13 Mixed UNITAF force takes over Bale Dogle
Dec 16 U.S.-Australian Force relieves Baidoa
Dec 20 U.S.-Belgian force arrives in Kismayo
Dec 22 Joint Task Force Somalia Command (JTFSC) advance party arrives Mogadishu
Dec 23 U.S. Marine force arrives in Bardera
Dec 25 French arrive in Oddur
Dec 27 Italian force arrives in Gialalassi
Dec 28 Joint Marine/Canadian force arrives in Belet Uen
Dec 31 Coalition forces enter Marka.  President Bush visits Mogadishu, Baidoa
Jan 03 UN Secretary-General Boutrous-Ghali visits Mogadishu, warlord Aideed's demonstrators prevent him from visiting UNOSOM headquarters
Jan 04-06 First Addis Ababa warlord conference
Jan 10 JTFSC main body arrives at Mogadishu
Jan 15 JTFSC assumes Port Operations mission
Jan 19 86th Evac Hospital begins operations
Jan 26 Units begin deploying into interior
Jan 28 JTFSC assumes Theater CSS mission
Feb 18 Phase I - transition to United Nations Operation Somalia (UNOSOM) begins
Feb 22 Lt. Gen. Bir, UNOSOM II Force commander visits Mogadishu
Feb 23-26 Serious rioting in Mogadishu as Aideed supporters protest Gen. Morgan's moves into Kismayo
Mar 08 Lt. Gen. Bir, Force Commander, UNOSOM II, arrives in Mogadishu
Mar 09 Maj. Gen. Montgomery, Deputy UNOSOM II Force Commander, arrives in Mogadishu
Mar 15-27 Second Addis Ababa reconciliation conference
Apr 22 Generals Bir and Johnston agree to turnover date of May 4
Apr 29 U.S. and UN sign terms of reference
May 04 UNITAF-UNOSOM II Change of Command
May 04-06 U.S. and UN sign agreement of reimbursement for operations in support of UNOSOM II
May 07 Jess attacks Belgins in Kismayo
May 09-20 Quick Reaction Force (QRF) deployed to Kismayo
May 12 U.S. government issues a "serious threat" warning to all Americans in Somalia
May 21-Jun 02 Abortive Galcayo peace conference
May 31-Jun 04 QRF show of force operation planned for Bardera
Jun 05 Pakistani soldiers ambushed at Cigarette Factory on 21 October Road and at feeding station #20.  U.S. Quick Reaction Force provides ground and air support
Jun 06-07 USLO/UN offices relocate to Embassy compound.  Non-essential civilian employees sent out of country.
Jun 09 Four AC-130 gunships are stationed at Djibouti airport
Jun 10 University complex begins receiving nightly sporadic small arms fire from adjacent buildings
Jun 12 UNOSOM II, QRF and AC-130 gunships attack weapons storage sites and Radio Aideed
Jun 17 AC-130 attacks in SNA enclave, followed by UNOSOM II forces.  Ground search of enclave.  SRSG orders arrest of Aideed, offers $25,000 reward
Jun 19 Task Force 3-25 engaged by heavy machineguns.  Infantry company raid destroys artillery near Afgooye
Jun 22 Ammunition/weapons storage site #9 blown up, Somalis begin conducting demonstrations at K4 Circle (Kilometer 4 traffic circle), stadium, reviewing stand; U.S. units restricted from K4
UNLSC G3 completes U.S. installation security assessment, recommends additional physical security assets.
Jun 25 UNOSOM II begins planning for additional M48A2C tanks from Turkey; UNLSC has no maintenance capability
UNOSOM begins communications interface planning for incoming subordinate coalition units
USS Osprey hit by 2 projectiles, 100-200 barrels of fuel lost, no fire
Jun 27 LOGCAP truck and driver missing; Installation security against vehicle bombs increased, USAREUR to provide vehicle inspection mirrors.
UNOSOM Intel officer continues to report threat "RED" in Mogadishu; barricades, possible ambushes, 10-20 people using RPGs and grenades.  CSS vehicles hardened with sandbags, sheet metal; crew served weapons mounted on unit-constructed mounts.
Jun 30 U.S. forces attack Atto garage #2 by air.  UNLSC convoys continue to receive fire; request aircraft security; QRF rejects idea; Commander, U.S. Forces, Somalia (COMUSFORSOM) directs air escort for convoys exiting/entering Mogadishu along 21 October Road
COMUNLSC directs coordinated messages for COMUSFORSOM requesting additional assets (MP, 5-ton trucks, and engineers) in next U.S. force rotation
Jul 01 French report inability to escort UNLSC convoys to Baidoa per UNOSOM Grago 63/64; fuel and water to French forces not delivered; French relent and begin providing escort again
Jul 02 Attack helicopters support Italians caught in ambush at Pasta factory.  Ground QRF began movement to reinforce and are withdrawn as Italian commander withdraws
Jul 03 SNA closes 21 October Road; MSR (Main Supply Route) RED is only alternative route to Gilaliassi, Belet Uen
Jul 05 Romanian hospital main body arrives, unit OPCON UNLSC at Mogadishu airfield
Jul 07-08 U4 releases U.S. provided M-79 grenade launchers for issue; GE convoy reconnoiters route to Belet Weyne via Afgooye-Gilalassi, to Belet Uen.  Report it unsuitable for trailers.
Jul 09 300th MP Co. relieved of CP 4 & 7 as Pakistanis receive M-79 grenade launchers
COMUSFORSOM directs QRF to use air for selected ground convoys, especially those traveling to/from Balad via 21 October Road
Koreans begin unloading ships, request air cover for convoys to Balad through 14 Jul
Jul 10 Mortars impact Norwegian billets in Embassy compound, 4 injured; Via Lenin Road closed due to threat
Jul 10-13 QRF conducts search/clear operations near University compound
Jul 11 Second LOGCAP water truck stolen.  Continued concern about attempts to use them for explosives inside HQ compound
Jul 12 UNOSOM air attack on SNA command and control site: "Abdi House".  4 journalists employees killed in Mogadishu
Jul 13 UNLSC engineers perform demolition assessment of "Fruit Factory" outside university perimeter, source of sniper fire
U.S. forces on heightened alert after attack on SNA site.  U.S. Provost Marshal on UNOSOM staff ambushed in the vicinity of K4, 2 U.S. wounded
Korean convoys to Balad delayed for security reasons
COMUSFORSOM requests additional MP or infantry company with HUMMWV.  Additional force required for force protection
Jul 15 HQ ARCENT rejects request for M-2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles as infeasible; recommends combining request for additional Q-36 radars, infantry, and MPs into one message
Jul 19 German composite force main body arrives under Chap. VI; 10 Aug SubOrd to UNLSC at Belet Uen.  Intends to be fully operational by end of August
Jul 20 43rd Redeployment begins with arrival of initial 507th CSG (Airborne) units from XVIII Airborne Corps.  Redeployment is complete by 10 September
Jul 21 QRF Aviation Bn. engages/destroys RPG gunner and mortar position; Tunisians have 2-hour firefight with Somalis at University
Jul 22 CINCCENT dispatches a security assessment team to Somalia
Jul 24 Two U.S. vehicles ambushed in Mogadishu; 2 U.S. wounded, 3 attackers killed.
Jul 26 COMUSFOROSM requests two Q36 radars to assist targeting of mortar positions
Jul 27 COMUSFORSOM requests reconsideration of earlier request to FORSCOM for an additional Light Infantry Company with a request for an additional MP platoon.  Message also alerts Commander-in-Chief, Central Command (CINCCENT) to forthcoming message that will provide detailed request for security and force protection material and personnel.  Ultimately, an additional Infantry Platoon is sent, with vehicles, to perform the task.  It is attached to the QRF, relieving the JMP Platoon to join the MP company
Jul 28 Requested additional counter-intel teams, identified and inbound
CISE reports SNA $10,000 bounty on downed U.S. helicopters; use of women and children to plant land mines; increase in use of mines and daytime ambushes, targeting U.S. personnel
Aug 01 Bangladesh battalion arrives, scheduled to provide security for U.S. installations (TBD)
Aug 02 U2 continues to receive reports of mines; most unfounded
Aug 05 Sword Base receives indirect fire
Aug 06 French agree to put air cover over U.S. convoys in French sector
Aug 08 Command detonated mine kills four MPs.  This catastrophic attack is the first successful use of a command-detonated mine
Aug 10 COMUSFORSOM alerts CINCCENT of forthcoming requests for material and personnel to enhance physical security and force protection for U.S. forces.
Based on damage to vehicles and injuries to crews, COMUNLSC sends message requesting that CASCOM begin development of crew protection kits for crews of thin-skinned vehicles
OH-58D hit by small arms fire, other aircraft fired at; airfield receives 4 mortar rounds; AH-1 engages vehicle near military hospital
Aug 11 USCENTCOM validates USFORSOM G3 request for an improved imagery enhancement vehicle (HEV), and a "Night Stalker" system is deployed.  It is used nightly through February, 1994 and assists in installation defense
Cordon and search of Medina area
Aug 13 46th Combat Support Hospital personnel rotation begins
Aug 14 QRF raid to capture suspects in 8 Aug attack against 4 U.S. MPs.  4 detainees
Aug 16 Secretary of State authorizes funding for extension of USMC Security Fast Platoon at embassy through December 93
Aug 18 Bangladesh contingent request issue of body armor from UNLSC
Aug 19 Second command-detonated mine in the vicinity of Bypass Road, no injuries
Aug 22 2/14th Infantry assumes Bypass security mission; third command-detonated mine in the vicinity of New Port
Aug 23 COMUSFORSOM directs all convoys between the airport and Port to move through the UAE and Pakistani camps
Aug 25 UH-60 fired upon by suspected RPG rockets
UN headquarters announces that its investigation of 5 June attack on Pakistani concludes that Aideed's militia carried out attacks
Aug 26 SWT supports second search of SNA enclave
Mortar attack against Sword Base
UH-60 stuck by 57mm rocket
COMUSFORSOM faxes message to DCINC requesting Mech battalion plus for force protection
Aug 27 SWT begin airport air cover mission
Aug 28 AH-1 destroys recoilless rifle in the vicinity of AWSS #3
Aug 29 Mortar attack (6 rounds) against University compound; air dispatched to suspected mortar position
Task Force Ranger arrives
Sep 01 Irish truck company main body arrives
Sep 07 USCINCCENT validates USFORSOM request for material and personnel required for physical security and force protection upgrade
Sep 08 QRF cordon and search in Medina
Sep 09 Pakistani and U.S. forces ambushed on 21 October Road.  Significant Somali casualties.  Women take part in ambush
Sep 12 Counter-mortar fire into Digfer Triangle area
Sep 13 Cordon and search in Medina; 2n14th has to fight it's way back to base
Sep 14 COMUSFORSOM, following consultation with CINCCENT on 9 Sep, forwards PFOR CINCCENT requesting Armor/Mechanized team plus for force protection
Sep 15 QRF counter-fires mortars into Atto's Garage
Sep 16 In response to COMUSFORSOM request, USCINCCENT directs deployment not later than 26 Sep of one additional combat engineer platoon with mine detection and mine clearing capability
Task Force Ranger conducts successful raid on the old Russian compound
Sep 17 In response to G3 request, U.S. Army engineer School conducts countermine assessment and recommends countermine technology for the theater
Sep 18 Mortar attack against Embassy Compound (QRF headquarters)
Sep 19 QRF Infantry raid of suspected mortar location in the vicinity of Benadir hospital
Sep 20 Show of force/leaflet drop in Medina/K4 areas
Sep 21 Pakistanis ambushed near K9, Task Force 2-25 supports withdrawal
Osman Atto captured by Task Force Ranger
COMUNLSC, in coordination with commander, TACC, Brig. Gen. Sams, validates need for and requests USAF "Red Horse" team to build revetments to protect U.S. aircraft, and hardened shelters for airfield personnel
Sep 23 COMUSARCENT send message to USCINCCENT concurring with COMUSFORSOM's requirement or additional heavy forces; suggests an infantry-heavy Co/Team (3 platoons M2A2/2 M1 with front "Blades"; six 4.2 in. mortars and FDC; and direct support sustainment package)
Sep 24 Four aircraft damaged by mortar attack on airfield
Sep 25 UH-60 shot down (3 KIA)
Sep 27 CINCCENT tasks USCINCSOC to provide COMUSFORSOM 3 additional CA teams under OPCON COMUNLSC
Sep 30 COMUSFORSCOM order directs III Corps to assume UNLSC and aviation task force mission from XVIII Airborne Corps in rotation 3 of UNONSOM II.  XVIII Airborne Corps will retain the QRF mission, using a brigade from the 7th Infantry Division (Light), including a battalion, brigade HQ, and a forward support battalion
Oct 03 Task Force Ranger conducts raid in the vicinity of the Olympic Hotel in Mogadishu.  18 U.S. soldiers KIA with 84 WIA; 1 Malaysian soldier KIA, 10 WIA; 2 Pakistani soldiers WIA; 300+ Somalis killed and 700+ wounded (according to SNA reports) and 22 detainees captured
4th command-detonated mine exploded in the vicinity of New Port
Oct 04 CJCS authorizes deployment of two AC-130 aircraft
CJCS directs deployment of an M2 Bradley (Cont) team, reinforced with an M1 Tank platoon to Somalia, OPCON COMUSFORSOM
Oct 05 USCENTCOM approves USFORSOM/CENTAF request for additional refueling vehicles and fire trucks to the airfield in Mogadishu
Oct 06 USCENTCOM validates night vision/electro-sensors directorate assessment team.  Tasks ARCENT to fill USFORSOM G3 request for sensors
Mortar attack on Task Force Ranger compound at Mogadishu airport.  1 KIA, 12 WIA
Oct 07 President announces deployment of Joint Task Force (JTF) and 31 March 1994 withdrawal date for U.S. forces
CJCS orders to deployment of an additional ARG and MEU(SOC), two AC-130 aircraft, and a heavy task force to Somalia
Oct 08 USCINCCENT orders the deployment of the Heavy Task Force, including an armor battalion HQ, additional armor, self-propelled artillery, UH-60 aircraft, AH-1F, and OH-58D helicopters, additional SOF personnel
Oct 10 First elements of 2/22nd Infantry/10th Mountain Div. arrive as part of incoming Joint Task Force.  JTF deployment continues through 26 October
Aideed declares unilateral ceasefire
Ambassador Oakley arrives in Mogadishu
Oct 14 USCINCCENT activation order for JTF-Somalia
CWO Durant released by Aideed supporters (captured when Blackhawk shot down)
Oct 17 CENTCOM Frag Order 001 issued, USFORSOM begins redeployment planning
Oct 20 JTF-Somalia operational
Oct 22 UN Secretary-General Boutrous-Ghali visits Baidoa and Mogadishu
Oct 28-29 Fighting between Habr Gedir and Hawadle resumes in Mogadishu
Nov 13 French handover Baidoa AOR to Indians
Nov 11-14 Operation "Show Care" in Marka (JTF plus Moroccan forces)
Nov 16 With UNSCR 885, Arrest order on Aideed is rescinded
Dec 02-04 Operation "More Care" in North Mogadishu
Dec 04-12 Political reconciliation conference in Addis Ababa.  Special Envoy Oakley orders use of USFORSOM air asset to transport Aideed.  Despite presence of all warlords, talks are ultimately unsuccessful
Dec 12 French forces depart Somalia
Dec 15 QRF mission handover to Malaysian battalion
Dec 17-18 2/14th Inf and 43 Combat Engineer redeployed to CONUS
Dec 20 Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff visits Mogadishu
Dec 22 Belgian handover to Indians in Kismayo
Dec 30 Belgian forces depart Somalia
Dec 31 Brown and Root assumes Log support mission.  UNLSC reduced to 1400 personnel
Jan 01 UNLSC HQ deploys to airfield
Jan 15 Decision made not to fly commercial aircraft into Mogadishu airport due to possible MANPAD threats
Pakistani forces complete move from stadium to Sword Base.  Aideed militia immediately takes over stadium site
Jan 16-21 Hirab conference of elders from many clans in Mogadishu
Jan 17 USFORSOM and JTF-Somalia staffs merged.  COMUSFORSOM takes direct command of JTF-S
Jan 21 UNOSOM II change of command, Lt. Gen. Cevic Bir turns over to Lt. Gen. Aboo Samah Aboo Bakr
Jan 28 Task Force Mombasa established at Mombasa airfield
Feb 02 Troop redeployments through Mombasa begin
Feb 04 Bypass Road security mission passed to Egyptian brigade
Feb 22 Turkish forces leave Somalia
Feb 24 Ngulube board presents final report, noting that Aideed refused to be interviewed
Feb 28 Falcon Brigade HQ complete C2 handover with 24 MEU
Mar 02 Falcon Brigade HQ departs Somalia
Mar 04 24 MEU assumes defense of Mogadishu airport and seaport complexes
Mar 05 The 12 Somali factions allied with Ali Mahdi agree in Cairo on founding a new government
Mar 08 Mortar fire closes the Mogadishu airport for a few hours
Mar 12 Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff again visits Mogadishu
Mar 14 AC-130 crash lands off coast of Malindi, Kenya, search and rescue operations begin
Mar 19 German forces leave Somalia
Mar 23 Italian forces depart Somalia
Mar 23-24 Joint Task Force Somalia staff deploys to Mombasa
Mar 25 Last U.S. ground force departs Mogadishu
Mar 27 U.S. forces complete redeployment.  USFORSOM and Joint Task Force Somalia stands down
Mar 28 COMUSFORSOM/CJTF and staff arrive at Andrews Air Force Base.  End of mission



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