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Arrived Vietnam 29 Apr 1966
Departed Vietnam 8 Dec 1970
Location Service Major Command
Cu Chi Apr 66 - Feb 68 1st Bde, 25th Inf. Div.
Tay Ninh Mar 68 - May 68 1st Bde, 25th Inf. Div.
Tay Ninh/Duc Hoa Jun 68 1st Bde, 25th Inf. Div.
Tay Ninh/Cu Chi Jul 68 - Jan 70 1st Bde, 25th Inf. Div.
Cu Chi/Bao Trai Feb 70 - Apr 70 3rd Bde, 25th Inf. Div.
Cu Chi May 70 - Dec 70 3rd Bde, 25th Inf. Div.

       Battalion Operations

2/14th Arrives in Vietnam - 29 Apr 1966   
Akron - 8 May to 11 May   
   After Action report  
Jaggerwalk - 13 May   
Wahiawa - 16 May to 27 May   
   After Action report From 25th Avn Bn
   After Action report From 25th Avn Bn
Fort Smith - 3 Jun to 3 Jul   
   After Action report From 25th Avn Bn
   After Action report   
OpOrd1 - 6 Jun to 7 Jun   
Fargo - 12 Jun to 14 Jun   
   After Action report  
Mokuleia - 19 Jul to 21 Jul   
   After Action report From 25th Avn Bn
OpOrd - 24 Jul to 27 Jul   
Oahu I - Aug 1 to 14 Sep   
   After Action report From 25th Avn Bn
Kamuela - 20 Sep to 3 Oct   
   After Action report From 25th Avn Bn
Kalihi - 6 Oct to 8 Nov   
   After Action report From 25th Avn Bn
Kailua - 8 Nov to 9 Nov   
   After Action report From 25th Avn Bn
Attleboro - 9 Nov to 24 Nov   
   General History From 25th Avn Bn
Lanikai - ? to 13 Feb 1967   
   After Action Report From 25th Avn Bn
Lanikai - From 1966 to 13 February 1967    
   After Action Report From 25th Avn Bn
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
   Troop Orientation - Operation Lanikai   
Junction City - 19 Feb to 15 Mar   
   General Information   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
   Op Junction City - Battle Book   
Base Camp Defense - 15 Mar to 6 Apr   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
Makalapa II - 7 Apr to 17 Apr   
   General History From 25th Avn Bn
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
   Charlie Co. photos taken during Operation   
Manhattan - 23 Apr to 15 May   
   General History From 25th Avn Bn
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
   Charlie Co. photos taken during Operation   
Barking Sands - 15 May to 8 Dec   
   After Action Report From 25th Avn Bn
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
   S-3 Daily Staff Journal - Battalion activities 29 June 1967
Combined Lightning - 15 May to 15 Sept   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
Akuma - 8 July to 25 July   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
Coronado II - 30 Jul to 2 Aug   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
Delta Company Organized - 3 Aug   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
Waimea - 22 Aug to 26 Aug   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
Iron Triangle - 26 Aug to 28 Aug   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
Kunia - 15 Sep to 29 Oct   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
Uniontown - 30 Oct to 17 Nov   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
Tay Ninh - 20 Nov to 27 Nov   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   
Yellowstone - 8 Dec 1967 to 10 Mar 1968   
   General History   
   Historical Supplement - 1967   Movie of Yellowstone operations
   After Action Report - Operation Yellowstone   (This report is incomplete, there are missing pages, and some pages are missing partial text)
Yellowstone - 8 Dec 1967 to 10 Mar 1968   
   Historical Supplement - 1968   
Saratoga - 25 Feb to 10 Mar 1968   
   After Action Report - Operation Saratoga   
Wilderness (Quyet Thang) - 11 Mar to 7 Apr   
   Historical Supplement - 1968   Movie of Quyet Thang operations
Toan Thang I - 8 Apr to 31 May   
   Historical Supplement - 1968   
Toan Thang II - 1 Jun to 1969   
   Historical Supplement - 1968   
Bold Lancer I (Cambodia) - 6 May to 14 May
   After Action Report - Operation Bold Lancer
Keystone Robin Bravo - 1 Oct to 15 Dec 1970
(2/14th leaves Vietnam)
   After Action Report - Op Keystone Robin Bravo  


  After Action Reports

After Action Report:  25-Oct-68  FSB Kien III Observing that troops use the same routine exiting FSB Keene/Kien III, VC mortar base as evening patrol prepares to leave the base, causing heavy casualties.  Four pages of a larger report.
After Action Report:  19-Jul-69  Alpha Company Night combat as Alpha Company command group, 1st platoon, moving to their night ambush positions, pass company-sized enemy unit and engage.
After Action Report:  19-Jul-69  Bravo Company Bravo participates in a combined raid against enemy facility, with artillery, gunships and the 1/5th Mech in charge, and returns with a 54 body count.
Operational Report (excerpts) 3 pages of summarized after-action reports for July, 1969
After Action Report:  16-Sep-69 Alpha Company/ARVNs reconnoiter bunker position, engage the inhabitants.

        Operations/Quarterly Reports

1967 - Annual Historical Supplement 1 January 1967 to 31 December 1967
1968 - Annual Historical Supplement 1 January 1968 to 31 December 1968
15-Mar-69  QuartEval Feeder Report Mid-December through Mid-March 1969:  Bridge security, FSB Ayers, FSB Keene, 34 significant enemy contacts.
1-May to 31-July Operational Report 25th Infantry Division Operational Report - Lessons Learned for the period 1-May-1969 to 31-July-1969.  2/14th activities for the period have been extracted from the several hundred page report of all Division activities.
14-Jun-69  QuartEval Feeder Report Mid-March through Mid-June 1969:   Bridge security, night operations, the Filhol, XM571 articulating vehicles, Keene is rebuilt, construction begins on Patton II.
14-Sep-69  QuartEval Feeder Report Mid-June through Mid-September 1969:  FSBs Emory, Patton, Hunsley, PB Dragon, joint US/ARVN Night Laager with large combined operations.
31-Oct-70  Quarterly Report Cambodia incursion

Battalion Administrative Documents

Troop Orientation - Operation Lanikai Battalion commander Davis lays down the law prior to moving into Ben Luc District south of Saigon -- 9-Dec-66
Personnel Activities Statistics on troop strength, activities -- March/April 1967
Medical Civic Action Program Report on Battalion MEDCAP activities  --   9-Oct-67
Lessons Learned Lessons learned from field operations, 1968
TNT Charges on Bridge Security Division thinks we don't know how to use them -- 13-Jan-69
Emergency Evacuation/Destruction Plan for destruction of sensitive info in emergency -- 3-Aug-69
Duties for S1/Charge of Quarters Keeping the office neat and tidy -- 29-Aug-69
Improvement of Bunker Positions GI's are taking it easy on Cu Chi bunker guard -- 18-Sep-69
Vietnam Memoriam 15 Oct 69 Plan to keep everyone out of sight on Oct 15 -- 13-Oct-69
Protection Against Malaria Who doesn't remember the big orange pill, the little white pill

 MACV and U.S. Army, Vietnam

1965 Vietnam Combat Operations Overview of all combat operations in Vietnam in 1965
1966 Vietnam Combat Operations Overview of all combat operations in Vietnam in 1966
1967 Vietnam Combat Operations Overview of all combat operations in Vietnam in 1967
1970 MACV Command History Vol I Military Assistance Command, Vietnam - volume I of 1970 operations


Late 1966: Article - GI Tunnel Rats Capt. Dan Deliz, Charlie Co., leads "tunnel rats" underground to explore a recent find.  Lt. Col. Schultz waits above.
5 Dec 1966 - Daily Bulletin No 104 Battalion Daily Bulletin distributed to the troops with orders and reminders for them to follow.  Also includes the movies for the coming week, and a list of Battalion Duty Officers.
Nov-67 to Feb-68 - Lt. Larry Lorenz Recollections of Lt. Larry Lorenz who served under Capt. Maio in Charlie Company at Katum, Bo Tuc and Tay Ninh, as well as plenty of time in the jungle
1967-68  SSG Richard Shaffer - In Hell With Dragons Recollections of SSG Richard Shaffer, Charlie Company weapons platoon sergeant, which he later published in book form.  The site has been restored, and though there are some page formatting errors it appears the original content is still there.  May be part fiction, he changed the names...
8 Feb 1968 - Ammo Dump Explosion Report of investigation into an explosion at the Bravo Company Ammo Supply Point at Tay Ninh Base Camp
March-August 1968, Bravo Co, First Person Account Sgt. John Quatroke recounts "Four Days That Can't Be Forgotten", a personal account of events in Trang Bang and the Saigon River area in March, May and August.
One night in July 1968 An article by Larry Weist, Alpha Company, of a night-long firefight in July of 1968
21-Nov-68 Chinook Crash at Keene Pilot's first-hand account of a near-disaster as a Chinook comes unglued while landing at FSB Keene, with Photo
26-Feb-69 Sapper Attack on Cu Chi Base Camp Compilation of information regarding the sapper attack on Cu Chi Base Camp, from Operations reports, After Action reports and other sources.
28-Dec-69 Sapper Attack Story of a sapper attack on an Alpha Company night laager that killed eleven men, excerpted from the book "We Were The Third Herd" by Richard F. Hogue
Propaganda  -   VC/NVA Samples of propaganda leaflets distributed by the VC/NVA intended to influence U.S. forces to give up and go home.
Reflections of a 2/35th "Cacti" Ben Youmans, a veteran of the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment (Cacti), 4th Infantry Division in Kontum, returned to Vietnam in March, 2001, to the countryside where he served in combat.  These are his reflections...
1975-04-04 Weyand Report Report by General Fred C. Weyand to the President of the United States, an assessment of the war in Vietnam in March and April, 1975.
Movie: Mines and Boobytrap Course A movie of the Mines and Boobytrap course presented at Cu Chi to new arrivals
Movie: Ready to Strike  
Movies: 25th Infantry archives Internet archive videos about the 25th Infantry Division


Cartoon about VC Offensive

This cartoon was distributed in late summer 1968, the name of the artist is unknown.  Contributed by Greg Boyle, Alpha Company, 68-69


If you have copies of 2/14th documents or photographs you would like to share on these pages, please send a description of the contents to Kirk Ramsey.   I am also trying to compile a roster of the men who served with the 2/14th during the Vietnam years.  If you have any copies of orders you received such as Army Commendation medals, Bronze Star medals, etc. (they usually have lists of other men in the battalion who also received awards) please let me know.



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