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Winter Sunset, Amish Farm, Middlefield, Ohio

A hard-working Amish farmer continues to develop and grow his farm, adding buildings until there seems to be a large cluster close to the main house.  All are kept in tip-top condition.


The Big House

Bright midday sun washes across the broad walls and lawn of one wing of a large, classic family home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  This beautiful house, constructed in 1918, used to sit on landscaped grounds until the property was sold and the house demolished to make way for a small, less ornate, "green" structure.  It's called progress...


Maple Lane Farm, New London, N.H.

As the sun slowly rises on a cold winter's dawn, the maples, covered with a heavy blanket of last night's snow, pick up the first rays of rose-tinted light, while the rest of the landscape still lies concealed in the shadows.


Amish Farm, Middlefield, Ohio

Firmly in winter's grip, the bare trees that flank this farm wait for the cold to break, and warmer weather return to start the sap flowing through their trunks so that the farmer can fire up his sugaring-off house and begin putting aside another year's supply of wonderful, "home grown", maple syrup.


Bass Harbor, Maine - Grey Study

A grey study is often painted in order to determine the light to dark values that will be used in the final painting.  This study was done in preparation for the following color painting of the lighthouse.


Bass Harbor, Maine - Color Version

Final version of the lighthouse, an idealized interpretation based loosely on the Bass Harbor lighthouse in Maine


Farm Steward's Shop Farm Steward's Shop

The Shaker Colony at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, is today a historic village filled with the actual buildings and implements left when the Shakers passed into the history of our land.  Pleasant Hill is aptly named - the setting is peaceful and serene, the buildings formal and elegant, and a leisurely walk along the tree-lined main road evokes the feeling of rural living as it was a century ago.


Window, Kirtland Temple, Ohio

In the birthplace of the Mormon religion, Kirtland, Ohio, this window of the Kirtland Temple reflects the nearby branches, while the late-afternoon patterns of light and shadow slowly move across the windows and wall of the church.


Presbyterian Church, West Charlton, N.Y. West Charlton Presbyterian Church

Sitting at the top of a long hill, the Presbyterian church in West Charlton, New York, stands in dramatic relief against the sky as you slowly ascend that hill from the valley below.  It is especially imposing in the fall, when a riot of red and gold and orange frame the bold lines of the church, and stand sentinel beside the highway as you approach.


Motorboat on Lake Sunapee

Idle and anchored most of the summer, this motorboat waits patiently for those few, exhilirating hours of action, when it can fire up its deep-throated motors, raise a spray of mist into the air and leave a white-frothed, furrowed trail behind it in the blue waters of the lake as it races across the surface, pulling a water skier in tow.
Motorboat at Anchor


Kowloon Junk

Early dawn hues reflect across the still waters of this bay north of Kowloon, Hong Kong.  The family that lives on this junk is busy with morning chores inside the boat, before casting off the mooring lines and raising the sail to begin another day of work.


East Wash House

Another of the many original buildings of the Shaker Colony at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, the East Wash House was used by the Shaker women on wash day, and contains a large hearth, washing implements, racks on which to hang the wet clothes and linens, and large tables on which to fold the dried sheets.  The building has been restored to it's original paint color.
East Wash House



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