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Covered Bridges


Rowboats Rowboats

 Two rowboats near the shore, oars stowed safely on the seats, rock gently on the warm afternoon waters of a lake, waiting for their next expedition.


Soo Locks at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Boats large and small slowly navigate their way through these locks, which lower or raise them 21 feet from the level of Lake Superior down to that of Lake Huron.  Deep shadows signal the end of another busy day at the locks.
Locks at Sault Ste. Marie


Caribou Caribou Reclining


Christmas Decorations

Decorations fill the house at Christmastime, even on the steps to the second floor.  Toys of Christmas past, no longer needed to entertain the children who were younger then, now serve only as memories of past joys and excitement, and offer the promise of new surprises waiting, wrapped in colorful paper and bows, beneath the Christmas tree...
Christmas Decorations


Orange on Cutting Board Cutting Board

Still life:  Kitchen cutting board with a paring knife, an orange, and the peels and slices of another orange.


Farm and Road

Painting done in class at the feet of master watercolorist David Rankin (Well, I was actually painting at a table, perhaps ten feet from the feet of the master...).


Hong Kong Harbor Lighters Unload Ship, Hong Kong Harbor

Lighters moored beside a large ocean cargo ship unload the ship's cargo for transport to shore in Kowloon Harbor, Hong Kong.  This image captures only one ship, but the harbor is constantly filled with dozens of such large vessels, and the ocean's surface is kept constantly astir by the passage of hundreds of smaller ships, ferries, junks and small boats going back and forth between Victoria Island and the mainland.


Spring Thaw

Spring brings warmer weather and the snow begins to melt, running down the nearest hillside to fill the streams below.  Here, the long shadows of late afternoon warn the rivulets to hurry on their way, for the cooler air of evening will still the gentle murmur of the waters, and return them to ice, until another day.
Winter Thaw


Still Life: Oranges on Plate Oranges on Plate

Still Life:  Another in the series of oranges, this one with orange slices and pieces, Scottish shortbread and a coffee cup.


Chairs in Winter

Someone should have brought them in for the winter, but they sit on the patio waiting for more appropriate weather and the loungers who will sit and sip in their comfortable laps for hours on end.
Chairs in Winter


Daisy Daisy

Basking in the summer sun, this daisy soaks up the morning light and spreads it's petals to add cheer and brighten the world of any passersby.


Rose of Many Colors

A fanciful flower painted in many hues of red and blue, simply to brighten the room and offer a light-hearted burst of color to all.
Rose of many colors


Miscellaneous:  Kirk Ramsey Watercolors
Copyright 2010 Kirk S. Ramsey
Last modified: March 11, 2016