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Covered Bridges


Summer Skies on Butternut Road Summer Skies

The brisk wind of a summer day churns the clouds near the top of the hill close to Burton, Ohio.  Shadows and sunlight dance along the ground as the clouds hide and then suddenly reveal the bright afternoon sun to those below.


Geraniums in a Planter

This elegant old planter sits atop a limestone balustrade, and proudly displays the bright red blossoms of a flowering geranium, flanked by white petunias


Lake Erie Sunset Lake Erie Sunset

Late on a winter's day, as the sun slowly settles into the haze in the west across the broad expanse of Lake Erie, the sky turns shades of yellow and then red and orange, and the muted orb itself is reduced to a yellow ball, which gradually flattens on top and bottom, and then settles into the horizon and disappears until another day.  The glow lingers, and finally fades to shades of grey, and day is gone.


Mesopotamia Farm

Mid-summer finds the hay growing on this Ohio farm, ready for harvest.  A week later the grass was gone, cut, baled and hauled away to replenish winter feed stocks, leaving an equally appealing country scene, but one bereft of the golden sheets of grass that had rolled and waved in the breeze a week before.
Farm in Mesopotamia


Cuyahoga Sunset Sunset in the Flats

An overcast sky touched by the fiery spectacle of sunset over Lake Erie, creates a wild scene of reds and pinks, which are reflected by the still waters of the Cuyahoga River in the "Flats" of Cleveland.  River boats, excursion boats and small craft ply the waters at a leisurely pace before the light of day disappears completely.


Ohio:  Kirk Ramsey Watercolors
Copyright 2010 Kirk S. Ramsey
Last modified: March 11, 2016