Alpha Company  - Third Platoon - Spring/Summer/Fall 1969
Photos from Wilbur Campbell


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[01]  Wilbur Campbell, FNG,  [02]  Joy E. Walsh,  [03]  Cartoon,  [04]  Ronald "Red" Fryberger
[05]  Wilbur Campbell at FSB Keene,  [06]  Larry "Doc" Jackson at Cu Chi,  [07]  Freddie "Doc" Carter
[08]  Michael Feudo at Cu Chi


[09]  Sgt Brown, Rick Shields,  [10]  Mike Natelia,  [11]  ARVN, Thomas "Sherlock" Feldmann,
[12]  Rick Shields, Larry "Doc" Jackson,  [13]  Sgt Donald Lendrum, Tommy Brown, Jesse Roberts, Mike Natalia

[14]  Tommie Brown,  [15]  James Winkenwerder, Wilbur Campbell, Joy Walsh
[16]  Harold "Jersey" Sheridan with AK-47, FSB Keene,  [17]  Hometown news clipping - Wilbur Campbell bronze star
[18]  Paul Dachel,  [19]  James Winkenwerder,  [20]  Ronald "Red" Fryberger

[21]  Harold "Jersey" Sheridan with .50 Cal. at the bridge,  [22]  Tower at the bridge,
[23]  Chieu Hoi scouts Toi and his brother, [24]  Wilbur Campbell, hit in face by bullet ricocheting off his rifle
[25]  Tropic Lightning News article about August 2, 1969 action.


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2/14th Infantry Vietnam Scrapbook:  Alpha Company - Third Platoon - Spring/Summer/Fall 1969
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