Alpha Company 3rd Platoon  -  August 1969  -  Patrol Base Hunsley

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3rd platoon command group 3rd platoon group 3rd platoon group - Kit Carson scout Hieu

[1] 3rd Platoon CP group, top row from left:  Larry 'Doc' Jackson, medic; Bill Casey, RTO;
      Bottom: Dennis Schultz, RTO; Lt. Steve Donaldson, platoon leader; SSgt. Tom Brown,
      platoon sergeant.
[2] 3rd Platoon, from left:  Larry Jackson; Dennis Schultz; Sgt. Jim Overbey, squad leader;
      SSgt. Tom Brown, unknown
[3] 3rd Platoon, from left:  Bill Casey, RTO; SSgt. Tom Brown; Larry 'Doc' Jackson;
      Hieu, Kit Carson scout

3rd platoon group Dennis Schultz, RTO, Ho Bo Woods 3rd platoon group

[4] 3rd Platoon, from left:   Bill Casey, RTO; Dennis Schultz, RTO; SSgt Tom Brown, platoon
      sergeant; Unknown; Larry 'Doc' Jackson; Sgt. Rick Shields, squad leader
[5] In the Ho Bo Woods, Dennis Schultz, RTO
[6] 3rd Platoon, from left:  Wilton 'Junior' Houchens, David Holt, Talley, James Overbey, Mike Myers

Cu Chi Awards Ceremony - 3rd Platoon

[7] At Cu Chi, after awards ceremony for action on 2 August 1969 in the Reserve
      Forestiere Cachuc (just south of the Saigon River and west of the Ho Bo Woods)
      (See  Tales of a War Far Away: Trapped! )
Front, from left:
      Sgt. Robert Spears - Silver Star, Purple Heart
      PFC David Holt - Purple Heart
      PFC Phillip Fields - Purple Heart
Back, from left:
      PFC Jerry Ellis - Bronze Star with 'V' device for Valor, Purple Heart
      SSgt. Thomas Brown - Air Medal
      PFC Larry 'Doc' Jackson - Silver Star
      PFC Daniel Darling - Purple Heart
      PFC Wayne 'Zeke' Weil - Bronze Star with 'V' device for Valor, Purple Heart



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