Charlie Company - 3rd Platoon - 1967

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[01]  SSG Dennis McMurray, Harold Port, Operation Manhattan,  [02]  Unknown on patrol near Ben Luc
[03]  1Lt Dennis Trippel,  [04]  Harold Port on Operation Makalapa,  [05]  Nui Ba Den, on the road to Dau Tieng
[06]  1Lt Dennis Trippel at Cu Chi,  [07]  Harold Port at Cu Chi

[08]  On Vietnamese Assault Boat, Operation Barking Sands,  [09]  Unloading from Assault Boat
[10]  Warren Odekirk on R&R,  [11]  Harold Port with M-60, Operation Junction City

[12]  Larry Schaefer, Warren Odekirk, Teddy Gene Talley in Michelin Rubber Plantation
[13]  Warren Odekirk on patrol,  [14]  Home, on Operation Makalapa


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2/14th Infantry Vietnam Scrapbook:  Charlie Company - 3rd Platoon - 1967
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