Somalia - 1993 - Charlie Company, 2nd Platoon

Photos taken by Gary "Doc" Blanton while on assignment in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993, and while on R&R in Kenya.

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[01]  2nd Platoon photo  [02]  2/14th Charlie Company 2nd platoon barracks in Mogadishu,  [03]  Cox and Drury
[04]  Mortar pit,  [05]  Unknown platoon members in barracks

[06]  Ernie Creech (HHC) and Jones,  [07]  Charlie Company in the field,  [08]  Camo in Mogadishu
[09]  Cox in the compound,  [10]  Ernie Creech peruses Playboy,  [11]  Gary "Doc" Blanton and Cooper in Mombassa pool

[12]  Ernie Creech and Unknown ham it up,  [13]  Cpl Jones,  [14]  Darren Terrell in Mogadishu 

[15]  Gary "Doc" Blanton (Alpha Co) and Unknown at goat lab,  [16]  Gary "Doc" Blanton and two Unknowns
[17]  Glenn Kinney,  [18]  "King" David at Olympic Stadium,  [19]  Darren Terrell,  [20]  Gary "Doc" Blanton cleans 9mm.

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2/14th Infantry Scrapbook:  Somalia - 1993 - Charlie Company
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Pictures Copyright 2015 Gary "Doc" Blanton
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