14th Infantry Regiment Association


October 16, 2015

Golden Dragons,

Back from the reunion in Springfield, Illinois held with the 4th Infantry Division.  What a great few days to re-unite with old friends and welcome newly found Golden Dragons making their first reunion.  You have done a great job of reaching out to old comrades and welcoming them back.  Please keep it up, your efforts make a real difference.

It was a real treat to meet several Golden Dragons who did their service with the 4th Infantry Division.  Great guys and proof that a Golden Dragon is a Golden Dragon regardless of where or with whom he served.  I think a lot of us 3rd Brigade folks were assigned to the 4th Division for a while and didnít even know it.  The next reunion is a return to Hawaii, October 3 -8, 2016.  It should be a reunion to remember.  I hope that lots of you will be able to make the long trip back.

I know lots of people wonder why we have these reunions and I think there are lots of good reasons.  At the Springfield reunion I was able to talk to someone I have known for a long time about coming home from Vietnam.  I donít know how we got on the subject but it was a remarkable sharing of experiences that was not planned but I think helped us both.  If that never happens again, it justifies to me going to all of them.  Iím just saying...

It seems that many of you either didnít know about or didnít receive the 14th Infantry Regiment Association Certificate and membership card when you joined the association.  If you didnít receive yours please let me know.  It is about time to go back to the printers and I need to order enough.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the Golden Dragons for their generosity supporting the 25th IDA scholarship fund and the Memorial fund.  Your gifts throughout the year keep these projects going and the Golden Dragons at Springfield gave over $800.00 when we passed the hat.  We all know times are tough and these gifts from your hearts are really special.

Finally let me tell you how proud I am to be representing you and the 14th Infantry Regiment Association.  This group is about you so please let me know what we can do to represent you better.  My e-mail is below,

Golden Dragons Sir!

Jock Lindsay
President, 14th Infantry Regiment Association