War with Mexico  1847-1848


The Battle of Chapultepec
     The advance of our brave men, led by brave officers, though necessarily slow, was unwavering, over rocks, chasms, and mines, and under the hottest fire of cannon and musketry.  The redoubt now yielded to resistless valor, and the shouts that followed announced to the castle the fate that impended.  There was death below, as well as above ground.  At length the ditch and wall of the main work were reached;  the scaling-ladders were brought up and planted by the storming parties;  some of the daring spirits first in the assault were cast down - killed or wounded;  but a lodgment was soon made;  streams of heroes followed;  all opposition was overcome, and several of our regimental colors flung out form the upper walls, amidst long-continued shouts and cheers, which sent dismay into the capital.  No scene could have been more animating or glorious.
                                         Major-General Winfield Scott, 1847


1847 Battle of Contreras, August 20, 1847
1847 Battle of Churubusco, August 20, 1847
1847 Battle of Molino del Rey, September 8, 1847
1847 Battle of Chapultepec, September 13, 1847
1847 Pursuit to the Gate of San Cosme, September 13, 1847
1847 Chapultepec and the Officers who Served
1847 Casualties - Chapultepec and the City of Mexico
1847-1848 Officers, Names and Deeds
  Officers Promoted by Brevet
  Notes Regarding Officers, Names and Deeds



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War with Mexico  1847 - 1848
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