Panama Canal Zone  1920-1940


"In August 1920 a drive was made for recruits after orders had been given for a move to Panama, and the roll call totaled 606 enlisted men and 34 officers when the transport sailed from Hoboken, N. J. on October 20, 1920.  Arrived at Fort Davis, the Fourteenth set to work to create a comfortable, sanitary, and sightly post.  There was no end of fatigue.  We who celebrate this yearís anniversary in the regimentís history know what the past thirteen years have wrought.  Others have labored and we enter into the fruits of their labor.  Looking back on a heroic past may we of the present be inspired to help send down to the future all that has been given to us and an additional gift of our own creation."
                                                             1933 Organization Day Program


1923 Mother's Day card and letterhead - by order of the War Department
1926 Excerpts from "Army Posts & Towns" by Charles J. Sullivan
1928 Photos - Fort Davis, Canal Zone, Panama, and 14th Infantry
1931-32 Photos - Fort Clayton, France Field, Maneuvers at Paso Blanco
1930's Photos - Fort William D. Davis - Panama Canal Zone
1930's Photos - Life as a soldier in the Panama Canal Zone
1933 1930 United States Census - partial roster of the Regiment
1932 1932 Maneuvers by Major C R Hollister, Dental Corps
1933 72nd Organization Day Program - includes Regimental roster at bottom
1933-36 Photos - Fort Davis, Pack Mule Co, 1935 Flooding
1935-36 Campbell B Hodges - Regimental Commander (rose to rank of General)
1935-36 Paul A Mayo - Co M Executive Officer (rose to rank of General)
1936 1936 Regimental Day program (75th Organization Day)
1935-37 Photos - Roy L. Turner
1935-37 My Two Years on the Right of the Line" by Lester B. Cundiff
1938 Photos - Wilburn W. Morton
1938-39 Photos - The Gatun Locks
1938-39 Photos - Life as a "Dragon Brat"
1939 Poem - "Hitch In Hell" - Grant N. Gilray
1940's Canal Zone - The Bugle Tag
1930's-40's 14th Jungleers Song - sheet music
1997 1997 "Jungleer" Reunion


A special thanks  to Col. Lester B. Cundiff and Grant N. Gilray for their research and to Kay Thomas and John Gates, who have shared with us their memories as "Dragon Brats", plus other photos and original documents in this section...


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