Hawaii  1954-1966


During the years following Korea, the 14th Infantry Regiment found a new home at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii.  The 1st Battalion took up residence almost immediately after Korea, followed in the mid-60s by the 2nd Battalion.  For one year, 1969, 3rd Battalion was activated at Schofield Barracks, and then inactivated at the start of 1970.

The 1st Battalion was the first to ship out for Vietnam in January of 1966, headed for the Central Highlands, it's ranks filled by a draft of men from the 2nd Battalion.  The 2nd Battalion followed in April, 1966, destined for Cu Chi, the headquarters of the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam.

Following Vietnam, 1st Battalion returned to Schofield, and the 2nd Battalion was de-activated.  The two have not served together since...


1960's Photos from Schofield Barracks
  Schofield Barracks:  The Golden Dragon Statue
  Schofield Barracks:  Mystery behind the Golden Dragon Statue
1960 Tropic Lightning Flashes - March 1960
1961 100th Anniversary - Organization Day program
1961-1962 Photos of Col James I Muir Jr, Commander, 14th Inf 1st Battle Group
1963 Charlie Company 2/14th Thanksgiving Menu - and full roster
1963 Charlie Company 2/14th Christmas Menu - and full roster


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