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"One night in February 1899 the Filipino insurrection started and lasted for nearly three years.  The 14th, with a strength of 16 officers and 707 men took its part in the opening skirmishes.  It assisted in the capture of Block House No. 14 on Feb. 5, 1899.  Most of the fighting that followed was similar to that which the personnel had engaged in during the Indian wars in the 1880s and 90s.  Tropic heat, torrential rain, deep mud and jungle fever were the allies of the insurrectionist with his bob.  Actual battles were rare and except for the major engagements at Manila, Laguna de Bay, Zapote, and Cavite, minor skirmishes, ambushes, long marches and reconnaissances occupied the Fourteenth Infantry of 1899."


1898-1899 Reminiscences of Peter Kyne, Company "L"
1898-1910 The Philipinnes Campaign:  A Very Brief Overview
1898 The Philipinnes Campaign:  Order of Battle
1898 The Philipinnes Campaign:  Manila Bound
1898 The Philipinnes Campaign:  Transport 1898
  History of the Philipinnes Insurrection (1899-1932)
13 Jun 1899 Battle Across the Zapote River
1898 Colonel Jacob Schick, member of the regiment, later pioneered Schick razors
1900 United States Census of 14th Infantry Regiment in the Philippine Islands
  Thomas M. Anderson: First U.S.General Overseas (His expeditionary force to the Philippines from Vancouver was the first U.S. venture in another hemisphere)
Gauld, Charles A. (1973). Thomas M. Anderson: First U.S. General Overseas (Vol. XIV) Fort Vancouver Historical Society. Camas, Washington: Camas-Washougal Post-Record



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