China Relief Expedition  1900-1901

     "An eventful night was that of July 8th for the Fourteenth Infantry.  A little before midnight General Williston . . . came to my room after I had gone to bed and informed me that our regiment had been ordered to China and must embark in about a week. ...On the 14th the headquarters and six companies of the Fourteenth Infantry boarded the Indiana, and the two other companies and Reilly's Battery the Flintshire.  ...On the morning of the 25th, the hills of the Province of Shantung broke on our view.   ...We had left the damp air of the Philippines, and ...were enjoying the dry and cooling breezes of a more northern climate.  Noon of the 26th found us in the midst of a fleet of forty or fifty men-of-war and transports of eight nations.  It was a grand sight as the colors of those nations floated in the breeze.  ...What a reserve power was stored behind those walls of steel!  ...China little knew or realized that they represented the mighty enginery of war that those nations could throw against Peking itself."
                                                                                                                           A. S. Daggett, Colonel, Commanding

The gallant 14th U.S. Infantry leaving Peking - escorted to City Limits by Gen. Chaffee and Staff - China


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China Relief Expedition 1900-1901
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